This Tuesday begins to deal with the law that benefits monotributistas and self-employed

The Budget and Finance Committee of Deputies will begin the treatment of the tax relief bill for Small Taxpayers and Self-Employed that the President of the Lower House promotes together with pro-government and opposition legislators. The initiative, which is accompanied by the deputies Leandro Santoro and Mónica Litza (of the FdT), Margarita Stolbizer (JxC) and Alejandro Topo Rodríguez (Identidad Bonaerense), reaches with improvements to 4.5 million monotributistas and 140 thousand self-employed workers throughout the country. The Budget and Finance Committee of Deputies will begin the treatment of the tax relief bill for small taxpayers and the self-employed that the President of the Lower House is promoting together with pro-government and opposition legislators.” We seek to generate relief in the pockets of small taxpayers with a simple, effective and practical measure: raise the maximum turnover ceilings since July without modifying the fee paid by monotributistas, “said Sergio Massa, who expects to discuss the project next Thursday at the venue. The proposal for monotributistas allows to advance to July 1 the adjustment for the maximum amounts of turnover, since the application of the index of 29.12% is advanced. In this way, it will not include an increase in the monthly installments to be paid, but only seeks an update of the maximum billing ceilings so that monotributistas do not have to jump to a larger scale, or be left out of the Simplified Regime, if their turnover grew in nominal terms due to the effect of high inflation. These changes will have a positive impact on the economic situation of 4,498,419 monotributistas throughout the country, which represents 39% of AMBA and 61% of the provinces of the interior. Regarding the Self-employed who are reached by the Income Tax, around 140 thousand taxpayers, the solution that evaluates the project focuses on increasing the deductions so that the non-taxable minimum is more equitable or close to that applied by employees in a relationship of dependency. Thus, the special deduction for the self-employed would represent twice the non-taxable profit, passing the deduction from $505,129.66 to $757,694.52. In this way, the “gap” of the special deduction between the employee and the self-employed would be reduced from $707,181.58 to $454,616.72. Likewise, for new professionals it rises from 1.5 to 2.5 times the non-taxable profit. This increase in the deduction mainly impacts on the 140 thousand self-employed with income of up to $ 8 million, which concentrate 95% of the self-employed with a tax determined in the income tax. For those independents, an average out-of-pocket additional income of $52,000 annually is estimated as a result of tax relief.

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