Hong Kong: World’s longest-lived captive panda dies at 35

An An was the name of the world’s longest-lived captive male panda that died Thursday at age 35 at the Hong Kong Zoo, where it spent most of its life. The animal’s health had deteriorated in recent days, so it was euthanized on Thursday morning, the Ocean amusement park and zoo said in a statement Park.La age of the panda is about 105 years for a human, the zoo said, explaining that the “difficult decision” was made for its well-being. after consulting with experts from the country. The plantigrade was born in the wild in mainland China and was part of a pair of pandas loaned by Beijing to Hong Kong to celebrate the second anniversary of the city’s handover from the United Kingdom to China, the AFP news agency reported, explaining that pandas are part of a diplomatic tradition of gifts that China makes.

An An was in a relationship with Jia Jia. With her they spent almost all their lives in Ocean Park. Jia Jia died in 2016, aged 38, holding the Guinness World Record for the world’s oldest panda and the longest-lived panda in captivity. After Jia Jia’s death, An An lived a rather lonely life and in 2021 celebrated her 35th birthday only with a frozen cake with fruits and bamboo prepared for her by the park employees.

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