Alberto Fernandez: "Know that you are not going to twist my arm", Vizzotti announced when the pediatric vaccines will be applied, Carlos Izquierdoz will leave Boca Juniors, Zac Efron returned to "East High" and his fans remembered "High School Musical": what’s next? and so on…

1. Alberto Fernández: “Know that you are not going to twist my arm”

The president assured that Argentina “continues to grow in a difficult context” and pointed out against “speculators” and agro-exporters: “They keep 20,000 million dollars waiting for a better profitability.” I kept reading here… 2. The blue dollar rises again and climbs to $342

The informal price of the North American currency accumulates an advance of $ 51 in the last four days. I kept reading here… 3. Vidal: “Cristina Kirchner has to take charge of the President”

The national deputy of Together for Change accused Alberto Fernández of being “dissociated from reality.” I kept reading here… 4. Vizzotti announced when the pediatric vaccines will be applied

There are 2.7 million pediatric vaccines from the Moderna laboratory that arrived in the country. I kept reading here… 5. Twitter loses $270 million in second quarter

From the company attribute the drop in its income to the uncertainty due to the “pending acquisition” of the firm by the tycoon Elon Musk. I kept reading here… 6. Start the 10th date of the Professional League: matches, schedules and TV

It starts this Saturday with three matches; Atlético Tucumán and Argentinos defend the tip; River will try to add its second consecutive victory and Boca, recover from the defeat in La Paternal. I kept reading here… 7. Carlos Izquierdoz will leave Boca Juniors

The departure of the central defender was confirmed by Mauricio Serna, a member of the club’s Football Council. I kept reading here… 8. Adrián Pallares endorsed Luciana Salazar who says she is censored by a channel: “There was a descent”

The former driver of Intruders recognized to the model that when they wanted to play the song “Redrado” the phones sounded. I kept reading here… 9. The greetings of Duki, Emilia and El Demente to Rusherking for the Day of the Friend: “Wanted”

On the occasion of the holiday, influencers left funny messages on social networks. I kept reading here… 10. Zac Efron returned to “East High” and his fans remembered “High School Musical” and put together theories: what’s next?

The actor who played Troy Bolton in Disney’s hit musical trilogy, returned to school where it all happened and his fans began to speculate what it is. I kept reading here…

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