The Buenos Aires Police prepares an operation to prevent protesters from blocking the entrance to La Rural

Somos Barrios de Pie organizes a demonstration for Saturday, July 30 at the La Rural property in Palermo, led by the Undersecretary of Integration and Training Policies of the Ministry of Social Development Daniel Menéndez. As explained by the Minister of Justice and Security of Buenos Aires Marcelo D’Alessandro, the social leader and government official tries to make visible that the field has no intention of liquidating the harvest and in retaliation will block the access of people who attend the property. On the grounds of La Rural on Saturday will be held the opening ceremony of the 134th rural exhibition, which is a traditional opening ceremony organized by the Argentine Rural Society.D ́Alessandro, anticipated that the Buenos Aires Police is working on “different scenarios” that can be presented on Saturday to “ensure free access” to the property located in Palermo. In turn, he took aim at the government and asked that they deactivate the march: “The best thing that can happen is that the Government, President Alberto Fernández, talks to Menéndez who is an official who depends on him to desist from the mobilization. It has to make them reconsider, it is an unnecessary provocation. They have to settle their own internal.” The Ministry of Justice and Security is working on different scenarios. The first is for the demonstrators to block some of the accesses; the second is for demonstrators to try to enter the premises; and the third possibility is that the demonstrators try to protest inside the premises by buying tickets, at the time the ceremony is held.

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