Julieta Díaz asked for help after strange tweets appeared on her account

After some strange tweets appeared on Julieta Díaz’s account today, the actress went to her other social network to communicate that she was hacked and request that they help her recover the account by denouncing cyber fraud. One of the tweets that could be read, from the verified account of the actress narrated a kind of story / joke that many interpreted as a humorous Díaz, even his colleague Verónica Llinás, at first fell into the grace of the hackers. ” I was smoking a joint on the terrace and the subnormal of my neighbor called the Police, when they arrived they asked me if I had weed and I told them that I had smoked it all, they asked me who sold it to me and I told them that my neighbor. Now they are searching the house lol,” said one of the first fake tweets on the account.

Hours later the actress recorded a video explaining what had happened: “Hello friends, friends, friends, could you do me a favor and report on Twitter that I have the hacked account? So they close it because I don’t know who they are… Well that. Let’s see if I can recover it later. Thank you very much,” Julieta requests from Instagram.
At the same time that his colleague Llinás did the same from twitter: “Che @Twitter return the account to #JulietaDíaz.@julietadiazok. I can laugh with the hackers, but let’s agree that it is a work tool and they are harming it, “he asked from the social network.

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