Luis Juez, on the intern of Together for Change: “It’s a piece of paper”

The national senator of Together for Change, Luis Juez, said that the statements of the leader of the Civic Coalition-ARI, Elisa Carrió, “are inopportune,” but clarified that “it is not bad” what the former deputy raised. In this sense, the Cordovan said: “With Carrió I have had great difficulties, probably because of the form, not because of the background. I think it is inopportune (what Lilita said) because in a country made shit 48 hours ago we are on a piece of paper,” in an interview with Radio Rivadavia. In the end, Carrió’s is inopportune because of the way he puts it,” he said and analyzed: “But it’s not bad, because it allows us to put on the table a debate: what are the limits, with whom we are going to build the Argentina we want.” On the other hand, he referred to the links that together for Change leaders maintain with the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and commented: “Carrió comes and puts on stage an issue that is not a crazy issue.”

“Massa is a guy who built relationships with the commercial, political, business, communication sector. For two years, it showed itself as a rational, intelligent Peronism, a third alternative. These converts are the worst, because you never know what they think. He is a rogue who is always looking for power,” he continued. Faced with this situation, he reiterated: “This debate must be given. We may have to get together for a weekend and discuss it: there maybe is the difference with Carrió”, and sent a strong message inside the coalition: “I am worried that the opposition believes that the bar is so low, that it is so easy to win next year because Kirchnerism is destroying the country that we can advance disputes and fights, that we can massacre ourselves, when ultimately the people want us united, discussing what we are going to do about Argentina and telling them how we are going to solve the problems.”

“I see our leaders who live in a cloud of farts, who think that next year (the general secretary of Suteba, Roberto) Baradel will continue to sleep, that (the trucking leader, Hugo) Moyano will continue to bolude in the truck, that the unions that are apolyzed will continue in lethargy, that the social movements will come out to applaud us, that the concentrated groups of wealth that are pending the contractor homeland… No, they are going to make us a terrible quilombo, because they only do this when Peronism governs,” he added. Finally, he remarked that “Peronism only disciplines itself before power,” and said: “If we do not build monolithic, clear, concrete power, with strong leaderships, with concrete, clear, precise objectives, with a great government program, with a beautiful roadmap, explainable, Peronism will screw us again.” Massa came to prolong the fuse, the bomb is going to explode in this unviable country. We have to be together. Unity is our greatest heritage,” he concluded.

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