Comptroller gives 30 days to the Municipality of Maipú to reimburse $ 247 million for company contracted in Barriga management that abandoned work

The Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) issued a report -dated September 29- with observations to the Municipality of Maipú -directed since June 2021 by Mayor Tomás Vodanovic (RD)-, regarding the payment owed by a contractor company -contracted under the management of Cathy Barriga-, whose amount exceeds $ 247 million pesos. The agency gave 30 days to the building house to repay the money.
Specifically, the Comptroller’s Office verified that the company Santa Sofía Ltda, in charge of the work “Design, Construction or Assembly of Stakes and Execution of Complementary Works, PD 2017-2018, Module C”, owes an amount of $ 247,851,097 pesos after the liquidation of the contract.
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“The problems in the execution of the contract began to be evident once the contractual term expired, that is, on August 21, 2021, in accordance with what is indicated in the works book, in which little personnel in the execution of the tasks was registered in mid-September of the same year, theft of wiring and, finally, the abandonment of the work by the contractor, on October 29 of the same year, “they pointed out from the controlling body.
According to the CGR, through mayoral decree No. 2,881, of 2021, the liquidation of the contract made by the Municipal Works Directorate (DOM) was approved. “By means of this administrative act, the valuation of the works executed by the contractor and not paid to date, the discount of fines applied by the technical unit and, finally, discounts for items stolen and withdrawn by the contractor were established,” they said.
Observations and 30-day deadline
The controlling body pointed out that the Municipality of Maipú, when consulted on the matter, “did not prove the adoption of measures or initiated actions in order to compensate for the damage caused to the municipal patrimony and pursue the pecuniary responsibility of the contractor.”
In relation to the early termination of the contract and the amounts owed by the contractor, the Comptroller’s Office detected that the municipality “did not make effective the collection of the policy for faithful fulfillment of the contract, issued by the company Suaval Seguros S.A. for an amount of 3,880.80 UF, which had an expiration date of November 7, 2021.”
“The situations described did not comply with the principles of efficiency, effectiveness, economy and control that govern the organs of the State Administration, established in articles 3 and 5 of Law No. 18,575, in breach of the duty of the authorities and officials for the efficient and adequate administration of public resources,” pointed from the Comptroller’s Office.
To correct what was observed, the municipality indicated that it deducted a claim for breach of contract with compensation for damages against the company Santa Sofía Ltda.

The municipality “added that it filed a claim with the Commission for the Financial Market for non-payment of an insurance policy against Suaval Compañía de Seguros S.A.,” the CGR report states.
Finally, the Comptroller indicated that the Municipality of Maipú “must prove the effective collection of $ 247,851,097 and the entry of said sum into municipal coffers, within a period of 30 business days, counted from the receipt of the present.”
Recall that the management of Cathy Barriga in Maipú has been in the eye of the hurricane by different reports issued by the Comptroller’s Office. At the end of August, the CGR estimated the deficit in the Municipal Corporation at $31. In another recent document, it detected $872 million in expenses to 46 service providers not adjusted to the law. The latter during 2020.

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