Chubut: teachers’ union announced a strike for 48 hours

Today, Daniel Murphy, general secretary of the Association of Education Workers of Chubut (ATECh), ratified that on Wednesday and Thursday of this week a 48-hour stoppage of activities will be carried out to express the rejection of the salary offer of the provincial government. In this sense, Murphy revealed that “in the last meeting they offered a 14% payable in two installments, similar to the previous proposal that we had rejected, which makes it unacceptable.” In turn, it was known that the provincial Executive Power summoned the representatives of the guild to dialogue again for the paritarias next Thursday. However, from the Chubutense guild they assure that they will come but for mere formality, since “the strike is ratified because this was resolved by the school assemblies.” For its part, the provincial government responded with a press report in which it was read that an initial teacher without seniority and with a simple day would charge more than 110,000 pesos, but the secretary of ATECh explained that it is a “misleading information.” In reality, a teacher who enters out of pocket charges no more than 60,000 pesos, and if we add to that the bonus that the Government gave by decree it reaches 75,000 pesos, which is clearly insufficient, “Murphy argued.

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