10 Morena states are more violent than Jalisco: Alfaro

After Interior Secretary Adán Augusto López said that when he speaks of “bloodbaths” in the country he thinks of Guanajuato, Jalisco and Michoacán, Governor Enrique Alfaro responded to his criticism.
The governor of Jalisco regretted the statements and assured that at least 10 states headed by Morena register higher crime rates than those reported in Jalisco.
“Jalisco is below the national average of total criminal incidence and, by the way, before us, in the data of the National Security System, there are 10 states governed by Morena that have a higher rate of total crime incidence, where all crimes are integrated,” he said.

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In a video published on his social networks, he also pointed out that in victims of direct aggression and intentional homicide, Jalisco is below the national average.
“Before us there are eight states governed by Morena with a higher rate of intentional homicides than Jalisco,” he said.

Nothing more to set the record straight. pic.twitter.com/ojgTYFsg7j
— Enrique Alfaro (@EnriqueAlfaroR) October 18, 2022

According to the governor, in the case of femicides, before Jalisco, there are 15 states with governors emanating from the ranks of Morena, with higher crime rates.
“A server cannot remain silent in the face of an accusation like the one he made against my state. I think that Jalisco is the locomotive of the country’s economy, which is the largest agri-food producer in Mexico, I think of a state that contributes a lot to the idea of Mexicanness, of culture, a state where people fight every day to move their country forward, “he said.
Likewise, Enrique Alfaro responded to the Segob head’s statement that he did not answer a call because he was busy in Spain:
The expression you make is totally imprecise (…) when you called me in Spain, you did it on the phone of the Mexican ambassador, with whom you were having dinner. He asked me to convince senators from Movimiento Ciudadano that he would vote in favor of his reform, he replied.
“What I do not understand, Mr. Secretary, is why a governor should interfere in the dynamics of a branch such as the Legislature and especially the Senate,” he questioned.
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