The basic basket rose more than 100% in 2022

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC), a family of four needed $ 152,515.29 to overcome the poverty line in December 2022. The prices of items in food baskets and essential services rose over the past year above inflation.” During December 2022, the monthly variation of the basic food basket (CBA) was 5.0%, while the variation of the total basic basket (CBT) was 4.5%. The variations of the CBA and the CBT resulted in 103.8% and 100.3%, in year-on-year terms,” the state agency reported. Days ago, it was announced that the cost of living in the country rose 94.8% during the past year. In 2022, the CBT, which defines the poverty level, reached a cost of $ 152,515.29 and the CBA, which establishes the level of indigence, reached $ 67,187.35 by the end of last December. According to the cost of CBT not to be poor, a typical family of four members should have had a monthly income equivalent to two and a half times the value of a minimum wage, which last December was $ 61,953, a level that is below the cost of the CBA. The cost of the basic food basket more than doubles the value of the minimum retirement, which in December was $60,124.

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