Gloria Hutt is the new president of Evópoli: she defeated Luciano Cruz-Coke in the internal elections marked by low participation

The former Minister of Transport, Gloria Hutt, became the new president of Evópoli by defeating Senator Luciano Cruz-Coke in the internal elections, elections that were marked by the low participation of its militants.
The list “Unidos x Evópoli” -led by Hutt- obtained 55.04% of the votes compared to 44.96% that took the list “Choose Freedom”, which commanded Cruz-Coke. According to preliminary information, only 1,400 militants exercised their vote, out of a total of 17,500, representing 8% of the electoral roll.
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To remember that Gloria Hutt will be at the head of the party for the next two years and will succeed the current president, Luz Poblete, and that she will have to face the challenge of imposing the position of the tent in the constitutional debate.

National Directive Results 2022- 2024:
55.04% UnidosxEvópoli
44.96% choose freedom
— Evópoli (@evopoli) October 22, 2022

“Unidos x Evópoli” proposes to increase the presence of women in the leadership, as well as in the rank and file of the party. They also point out that the new president seeks to impose a more liberal look, making it clear in the constitutional process that they are a tent of “liberal and reformist center-right.”
New national directive
The new national board of Evópoli will be made up of:

Gloria Hutt: President
Juan Carlos González: Secretary General
María Ignacia Galilea: Vice-President
María José Herrera: Vice President
María Emilia Undurraga: Vice-President
Elizabeth Arévalo: Vice President
José Moreno: Vice President

We congratulate the UnidosxEvópoli list, which has won the elections to lead the 2022-2024 period in charge of its president, Gloria Hutt, general secretary, Juan Carlos González and vp: Ignacia Galilea, MJ Herrera, Mery Undurraga, Elizabeth Arévalo and J Ignacio Moreno

— Evópoli (@evopoli) October 22, 2022

Other elections
In the internal elections of the store, the regional tables, regional councils and the Youth of the party were also voted. In the latter, the list commanded by María Fernanda Ulloa (president) was the winner; Chris Martinez (Secretary General); and as vice presidents: Tomás Márquez, Johan Pérez, Gustavo Alarcón, Valentina Becerra and Camila Quiroga.

We extend congratulations to the new national youth board in charge of María Fernanda Ulloa, as president, to its general secretary, Chris Martínez and vice presidents: Tomás Márquez, Johan Pérez, Gustavo Alarcón, Valentina Becerra and Camila Quiroga
— Evópoli (@evopoli) October 22, 2022

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