Piquetero organizations mobilize to demand a bonus “without exclusions”

Social organizations nucleated in Piquetera Unit mobilize this Friday at the headquarters of ANSES (AV. Córdoba at 700) in demand of a bonus of $ 45,000 “for all without exclusions”. The demonstrators gathered this morning at the height of the Obelisk and at the corner of Av. Belgrano and 9 de Julio, from where they will march to the headquarters of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES). The mobilization, they indicated, will be replicated in different parts of the country. This is the first march faced by the new Minister of Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz, who a few weeks ago replaced Juan Zabaleta.” We are demanding a bonus without restrictions, because with the new bonus, the Anses established restrictions to be able to access and a person head of family with a food card or with the Child Allowance cannot do it,” Eduardo Belliboni, leader of the Polo Obrero, told Telam.More than 800,000 people have already approved the food reinforcement for adults without income. Although many who made long lines at ANSES offices saw their applications rejected. With attention in the more than 400 offices throughout the country and mobile operations, face-to-face registration for the Food Reinforcement was still open today for people who are in conditions of extreme vulnerability, do not have any type of income and do not receive any assistance from the State. Similarly, registration on the ANSES website is still enabled. The bonus of $ 45,000 will be paid in two installments of $ 22,500 and the first payment will be made from November 14, according to the termination of the DNI.

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