Badiraguato Mayor Wants Drug Trafficking Museum; Governor rejects it

In Badiraguato, Sinaloa – homeland of Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán and Rafael Caro Quintero – they want to build a drug trafficking museum, to attract tourism and economic development, said the mayor of the municipality, José Luis López Elenes.
He explained that in the museum would be figures of the iconic drug trafficking characters of the region.
“It is possible that we can have a museum of drug trafficking, we are not closed to any issue … We are a government that is going to push for economic development to reach the municipality and we can overcome this stigma of drug trafficking,” he said.

He assured that the history of Badiraguato cannot be denied, “they must recognize it”; He pointed out that this museum would also serve to tell people that “it is not good to be in that activity and how harmful it is to consume the drug.”
“We should not be scared of a drug trafficking museum, on the contrary, we must see the positive side,” said the mayor of Morena.
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He indicated that museum specialists will visit them to analyze the proposal, although they are not closed to other possibilities.

We painted the whole house… What is thatoooooo!
In Badiraguato they are considering the construction of a NARCO MUSEUM! to “attract tourism”.
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— Net Noise (@RuidoEnLaRed) November 3, 2022

He announced that the museum would show photographs and objects of drug traffickers Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman, Ismael “Mayo” Zambada or Rafael Caro Quintero. “There are many and no one we are going to deny.”
The museum would be located in the viewpoint of the municipal seat.
Governor Rejects Drug Trafficking Museum
Sinaloa Governor Rubén Rocha Moya rejected the possibility of building a drug trafficking museum in Badiraguato.
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He pointed out that in that municipality there is a vocation for work, kindness and loyalty, which prevail over anyone who seeks to stigmatize this land.

I do not agree at all, and emphatically reject, the idea of building a drug trafficking museum in Badiraguato. The municipality in which I was born, is historically distinguished by the vocation of work, kindness and loyalty of its people.
— Rubén Rocha Moya (@rochamoya_) November 3, 2022

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