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This November 19 we celebrate the International Day of Women Entrepreneurs, date in which we recognize the work and value that women entrepreneurs contribute around the world, as a key piece for the social and economic development of countries.
In times of economic and political uncertainty, and scenarios of probable recession such as the one we are currently experiencing, history has shown us that entrepreneurship flourishes in adverse economic scenarios. The Asian crisis and the subprime crisis were the cradle of a series of ventures that, years later, changed the way we see the world. The same thing happened after the dot-com boom. It is that entrepreneurship is, at its base, a disruptive way of doing things. A challenge to the status quo, with the potential to transform societies and economies.
In a historically male-dominated economy, from Adam Smith to the Chicago Boys, today we see a boom in female talent pushing for lasting change. Even sectors as masculinized as STEM areas have now been shaken by a wave of talent and entrepreneurial energy that we had not seen a decade ago.
However, female participation in the entrepreneurial environment is still a minority, despite the enormous contribution of women to the ecosystem. How can we contribute to increasing women’s participation?
The first step is to break down the barriers that impede their full development. Whether it’s because of social norms, prejudices, time, lack of access to capital or lack of training, there are many women who cannot enter more profitable business sectors that are being led by men. There is even doubt in some sectors about our decisions in business and financial areas.
Today more than ever we have to incorporate all the visions and talent to promote more entrepreneurship at the head of women and with it, support the economic reactivation of the country. We need more women leaders who research, generate knowledge and contribute to the economy from innovation and entrepreneurship. Because without diversity there is no innovation.
We must promote more available spaces both in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and in the highest spheres of companies, as well as the development of public policies that address this matter. A challenge that Chile and the world have, since according to a World Bank report there are around 2,400 million women of working age who do not have equal economic opportunities.
Women are and will be agents of transformation. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all of us who are part of the ecosystem to generate greater inclusion and take advantage of female talent. Only then will we have more entrepreneurs such as Daniela Lorca from Babytuto, Teresita Morán from Buk or Paula Valverde from Limonada, examples of figures who have managed to level the playing field and demonstrate female potential in high value-added ventures.

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