The group stage is over and so will be the duels in the second round of Qatar 2022

Between this Saturday, December 3 and Tuesday, December 6, the knockout stages of the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be played, after an intense group stage that left several surprises.
Brazil, Argentina and the United States saved the honor of the American continent, which was presented with a total of eight teams from Concacaf and CONMEBOL. Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Canada were left out of the eighth.
Along with the other classifieds, the eight crosses are ready to continue towards the final of the planetary event.
The teams qualified for the knockout stages

Netherlands (1st)
Senegal (2nd)
England (1st)
United States (2nd)
Argentina (1st)
Poland (2nd)
France (1st)
Australia (2nd)
Japan (1st)
Spain (2nd)
Morocco (1st)
Croatia (2nd)
Brazil (1st)
Switzerland (2nd)
Portugal (1st)
South Korea (2nd)

Check the schedule below:
Saturday, December 3

Netherlands vs. United States. 12:00 hours.
Argentina vs. Australia. 16: 00 hours.

Sunday, December 4

France vs. Poland. 12:00 hours.
England vs. Senegal. 16: 00 hours.

Monday, December 5

Japan vs. Croatia. 12:00 hours.
Brazil vs. Brazil South Korea. 16: 00 hours.

Tuesday, December 6

Morocco vs. Spain. 12:00 hours.
Portugal vs. Switzerland. 16: 00 hours.

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