”Thinking about the body”: National study reveals 85% of respondents were afraid of gaining weight

Making visible, reflecting and bringing to the public debate the perceptions of women about themselves as a result of advertising and gender stereotypes, is the main objective of the survey “Thinking about the body”. According to the results, 87% felt worried about not having a toned body.
“It is important to make visible that the level of dissatisfaction we have regarding our bodies is much more than just a matter of vanity, but that deeply penetrates the perception we have about ourselves and impacts our mental health,” said La Rebelión del Cuerpo, the organization in charge of the survey.

Another of the data collected by the group is that 85% of the women surveyed felt afraid of gaining weight. In the same vein, 77% said that due to concern for their body they should diet.
According to the organization, deprivatizing these figures on the body is extremely important to generate debates and conversations about situations that have been historically hidden, such as symbolic violence and stereotypes that arise, especially in summer.
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“Living daily with fear of gaining weight or being worried about not seeing ourselves as we are told, takes away the opportunity to do the things we like, and that we should not stop enjoying, such as the beach or a pool just because we do not fit with the stereotypes of beauty imposed,” they say from the organization.

The study, which was applied to women between 18 and 77 years old, also revealed that 86% felt that they should exercise because of the concern of their body, in addition, 75% perceived themselves in a state of fatness after eating high-calorie foods.
It should be noted that La Rebelión del Cuerpo, for years have worked to make visible the stereotypes and symbolic violence that exists in the media, in advertising and mass spaces. For more information about their results and other studies on self-perception visit their social networks: @larebeliondelcuerpo

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