AMLO minimizes possible plagiarism of Yasmín Esquivel

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said this morning that those who call for the punishment of Minister Yasmín Esquivel, accused of plagiarizing a bachelor’s thesis, “have committed major crimes” and that “whoever is free of sin should cast the first stone.”
When questioned about the possible plagiarism of Esquivel, the president minimized the accusation by pointing out that any error was as a student, and described it as “infinitely less than the damage caused to Mexico by writers Enrique Krauze and Guillermo Sheridan,” the latter who exhibited the possible plagiarism.

.@lopezobrador_ minimizes the accusation of plagiarism against the thesis of Minister Yasmín Esquivel: “Any mistake made by the minister when she was a student is infinitely less than the damage they have caused to Mexico Krauze and the writer Guillermo Sheridan.”
— Political Animal (@Pajaropolitico) December 23, 2022

“Let the lady clarify, I do not accept them as judges because I consider them part of the oligarchy,” the president said.
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Again, López Obrador considered that there is a media campaign against him, and that this issue that is a matter of the Judicial Branch has political overtones.

“It’s Krauze, it’s Sheridan, Aguilar Camín, all of them who are against us,” he said.
On December 21, in an article published on the Latinus news site, the writer Guillermo Sheridan denounced the possible plagiarism of Esquivel and exhibited fragments of his thesis of the law degree that are the same as a previous work prepared by a student of the Faculty of Law of the same UNAM.
In this regard, López Obrador accepted that he is not objective, because he considers that the UNAM researcher is part of a group that has done a lot of damage to Mexico.
“It has to be resolved by the competent authority, in this case I am not an objective at all because I consider that any error, anomaly, committed by Minister Yasmin when she was a student, when she presented her Bachelor’s thesis, is infinitely less than the damage they have caused to Mexico Krauze and the man who makes the complaint, Sheridan, those have done a lot of damage to Mexico. ” the president declared.
“That group has validated the looting or was a participant, validating the looting that was committed in Mexico in the neoporfirista period. So, maybe I’m wrong about the minister, but I prefer that to being right with these organic pimps intellectuals of the conservative regime,” he continued.
The Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Aragon, belonging to the UNAM, announced yesterday that it will make “a detailed analysis” of the bachelor’s thesis of Minister Yasmín Esquivel. 
The situation is unfolding just over a week before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) votes to elect a new president. Those who aspire to the position are Ministers Esquivel, Norma Piña, Alfredo Gutiérrez Ortiz Mena, Javier Laynez and Alberto Pérez Dayán.
Esquivel came to the SCJN as part of a shortlist proposed to the Senate by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
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