Brazil: At least 400 arrested after assault on the headquarters of the three branches

At least 400 people were arrested in Brasilia for having invaded and destroyed the Congress, the Planalto Palace (seat of government) and the Supreme Federal Court (STF), during the massive demonstration of supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro, who sought to overthrow President Lula da Silva. I come to report that more than 400 people were arrested and will pay for the crimes committed, we work to identify those who participated in the terrorist acts,” said the governor of Brasilia, Ibaneis Rocha.The detainees were taken to the headquarters of the Civil Police (investigations) of Brasilia, and Rocha threw out the Secretary of Security of the capital, Anderson Torres, Bolsonaro’s former justice minister, accused of liberating the area. The local governor is an ally of the former president and yesterday apologized to Lula for the coup attempt. Rocha would later be removed from his post for 90 days by Justice Alexandre de Moraes of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), reported O’Globo. Security forces had regained control of the three powers this morning after an operation that turned Brasilia into a war zone, following the action of Bolsonaro’s followers, who are calling for a coup d’état.Lula, meanwhile, decreed federal intervention for 30 days of state security.The president toured the area last night to assess the damage. “All vandals will be found and punished,” he warned earlier.

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