The young woman who had jumped out of a car in General Paz after arguing with her ex-partner died

After being hospitalized for almost a week at the Piñero Hospital in critical condition as a result of the injuries suffered, the death of Evelyn Yanete Pereyra (29), the girl who had thrown herself from a moving car on the General Paz Highway after arguing with her former partner, Jonathan Alfredo Barboza, was confirmed.
The man, who had been arrested after the fact, was released despite the fact that the friends of the young woman from Monte Grande point out that there was a perimeter restriction against her and that Evelyn suffered gender violence. Julieta, a friend of the victim, spoke to TN and recounted the ordeal that the young woman suffered hours before the tragedy: “Everything starts on Friday at 11:30 p.m. She leaves and leaves in the direction of the house, in Monte Grande. Two hours later she calls a colleague telling him that they wanted to rob her and beat her. He picked her up and took her back to work, in Liniers, where she asked for an Uber to get home. When he arrived, he sent me two audios telling me that he had been beaten and sent me a photo with his face beaten.” I suggested that he put ice on and we agreed that he was going to rest. This was at 3.30 in the morning. My understanding is that he went to pick her up at 4 a.m. At that time he sent me a message saying ‘I love you’. I don’t know if I was already with him on top of the car at that time. Hours later she was already hospitalized, “continued Julieta, and also assured that Evelyn always said that the attacks came from an alleged thief so as not to involve Barboza. At the height of Nazarre Street in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Versailles and in the direction of the Río de la Plata.After several calls to 911 that alerted about a woman who had thrown herself from a moving Fiat Uno, officers from the Neighborhood Police Station 10B arrived at the place. Later, an ambulance from the SAME transferred Evelyn to the Hospital de Agudos Vélez Sarsfield, where she was admitted with head trauma and risk of life. Due to her serious condition, she was rushed to the Piñero Hospital, where she underwent surgery and finally died. The Flagrancy West Unit intervenes in the case. The accused was arrested and charged with injuries in the context of gender-based violence. Although prosecutor Julieta Viola asked that he be imprisoned for attempted murder, Judge María Fernanda Botana ordered that he be released.

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