Covid-19: Minsal reports that only two regions reduce their cases in the last seven days

The Ministry of Health reports that new confirmed cases nationwide increase by 22% in the last week, while in the last 14 days they register an increase of 47.5%. In addition, only two regions reduce their cases in the last seven days.
According to sampling, the regions with the highest positivity in the last week are Antofagasta, Biobío, Los Lagos and O’Higgins. Meanwhile, the Los Ríos region has the highest current incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Atacama, Ñuble and Los Lagos.
According to today’s report, of the 2,471 new cases of Covid-19, 1,689 correspond to symptomatic people and 151 do not have symptoms. In addition, there were 631 positive PCR tests that were not reported.
The total number of people who have been diagnosed with the disease caused by coronavirus in the country reaches 5,180,329. Of this total, 7,496 patients are in the active stage, considering an isolation of 5 days from the onset of symptoms or from the taking of the test, according to the criteria of the Opening phase. Recovered cases are 1,264,094.
As for the deaths, according to the information provided by the Department of Statistics and Health Information (DEIS), in the last 24 hours there are 8 deaths from causes associated with Covid-19. The total number of deaths is 64,230 in the country.
As of yesterday, 83 people were hospitalized in Intensive Care Units, of which 67 remained on mechanical ventilation support. With regard to the Integrated Health Network, there is a total of 316 critical beds available for the patient who requires it, regardless of the region where they are.
Regarding the Laboratory Network and diagnostic capacity, yesterday the results of 14,350 PCR tests and antigen tests were reported, reaching to date a total of 48,515,971 analyzed nationwide. The positivity for the last 24 hours at the country level is 11.61% and in the Metropolitan Region it is 11.60%.
With regard to the Health Residences, we have 3 lodging facilities, with 133 total beds. The actual occupancy nationwide is 51%, leaving a total of 47 beds available for use.

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