Violeta Parra Museum will have activities and a free concert to commemorate the 8M

As a prelude to the march convened in Santiago, the Violeta Parra Museum will carry out various activities to commemorate International Women’s Day, this March 8.
The commemoration will begin at 12:30 hrs. in the Violeta Parra Museum Room, with a visit mediated with a gender focus, where aspects of gender roles in the works and life of the Chilean artist will be addressed.
“We join with enthusiasm and conviction the activities of commemoration of this March 8, which recalls the struggle for equality, political and social rights, as well as to highlight the achievements and advances of the struggles of the women’s movement. That is why we have prepared a special program of activities for this day, with young creative women that we invite to accompany, “says the president of the board of the Violeta Parra Museum and executive director (s), Roberto Guerra Veas.
Subsequently, the muralist Juana Pérez, together with the artists of “paste up”, Loreto Góngora and Paloma Rodríguez, will carry out interventions in the front of the museum with designs inspired by the commemoration of 8M.
“Being present in this activity is a powerful political act, since Violeta has been, and continues to be, a very profound reference in what is the multiverse of art. Being able to be present and be a bridge of expression through his legacy inspires me and I feel honored. I hope to deliver, with all my heart, a work that lives up to what she transmits,” says Juana Pérez.
This activity can be seen live through the platforms of the Violeta Parra Museum, which will end around 4:00 p.m., and then give way to a free concert by the hip hop singer and Mapuche activist, MC Millaray.
“Being part of this activity with muralist sisters is an honor, a pride. Sharing with such talented women, who have the gift of transmitting a feeling, of what they have inside, putting it in a mural and filling it with colors, makes me really dream, “says MC Millaray.
The activities will be held in the front of the original museum building, located at Vicuña Mackenna 37, and in the Violeta Parra Museum Room, located inside the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), Quinta Normal, in Matucana 464.
For more information you can visit the museum’s website.

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