Gambling Casinos: who is responsible for people’s safety?

On January 12, some of the attendees at the Enjoy Coquimbo Casino experienced a traumatic situation. In the midst of the running of games and betting, the performance of a tropical music band suddenly began. Although, the performance of groups, singers and other shows is part of the attractions of these establishments, the conditions in which precisely that performance was developed were not optimal, less the safest for those present. 
Attendees denounce that the sector of musicians and singers was surrounded by buffet with food service, slot machines and gaming tables. “Within a few minutes, a human mass was formed that jumped, danced and filmed the performance. There was no order, preventing any movement of people, with the associated risk. In the face of a catastrophic event, that place would become chaos, with crushing and loss of life,” they say.
They describe it as a very bad experience, but above all a high risk. “In an area where there are earthquakes, tsunamis, blackouts, or there may be the beginning of fire or other calamities that force the evacuation of the place, that enclosure does not have risk prevention measures, provision of plants, adequate signage that helps save lives,” adds a client.
Money Flow VS People Flow
After such events, a claim was filed with the Casino regulator: the Superintendence of Gaming Casinos, who responded by Ordinary Official Letter No. 250 dated February 16: “this Superintendence will request from the operating company Casino de la Bahía a report regarding the facts denounced, in order to determine if in the event of January 12, 2023 the normal development of the game was interrupted and / or identify if there were possible violations of Law No. 19,496, on the Protection of Consumer Rights, in which case the records will be sent to the National Consumer Service (SERNAC).”
Really the regulator does not take care of the main point, referred to the prevention of risks in that enclosure. “He is more concerned about the game developing normally, that is, concern for money flows, but not for the flows of people. The disaster will happen, sooner or later, but it will happen,” the whistleblower adds. 
 In Law No. 19,995 – which regulates the operation of Gaming Casinos – there is a long breakdown on security in Gaming Casinos, but it is concentrated on the use and technical requirements of TV circuits, security of securities, taxes, among other regulations almost all provided by the Treasury. There are also some draft laws on metal detection (after incidents with weapons), there has even been discussion about detecting psychological traits of attendees, but apparently leaves the security of the enclosures to the operators.
In the regulations of Law No. 20,856, which amended Law No. 19,995, and which establishes the general bases for the authorization, operation and supervision of Gaming Casinos, letter “e” only reads in this regard: “that the location and plans of the establishment in which the gaming casino will operate must be presented; the safety conditions foreseen for its operation and an estimated staff of the persons who will have to provide services in the various facilities”.  
Searching the Enjoy website there are no safety protocols and / or evacuation in emergencies. It is pointed out: “We will improve the well-being of our customers through a genuine concern for their entertainment, enjoyment and care, generating memorable and integral experiences of gaming, hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, in a culture of efficiency, profitability and responsibility. He adds that his values are: commitment, warmth, integrity and transparency, passion, excellence, merit.

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