L-Ghent was stranded at an airport in Germany and denounced that he was discriminated against: “For being South American”

L-Ghent is touring Europe with his music and denounced that he was discriminated against at an airport in Berlin, Germany. The cumbia singer 420 exposed the whole situation on his social networks and was enraged because he was stranded unable to travel to give a show. In his Instagram account he left in evidence the face of the worker of the airline Iberia who did not allow him to get on his flight. “We were discriminated against for excess flow. We waste time and work. We will have to stay claiming, “launched the singer with concern and made a special request to his followers. Because of his fury, L-Ghent asked his followers to write to the airline that left them stranded. “This person works with a racist attitude, because they are South Americans. And with arrogance, because he has the authority of flight,” the artist wrote, noting that this employee was the “one in charge” of preventing them from “flying to work.” The native of General Rodríguez is in Europe as part of a recital tour. Therefore, the artist was concerned since this March 9 he has scheduled a show in Malaga, Spain. However, he fears that he will not be able to present himself due to the attitude of the Spanish airline that did not let him travel. The cumbia and RKT singer is touring the most important cities in Europe with his show, accompanied by his work team, although reduced, and he has also made the time to tour, know and visit the most iconic places of each capital.

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