Release date for “Diaries of the Confinement”, the film by Jeff Zorrilla

On March 23, “Diarios del Encierro”, the film by Jeff Zorrilla, will be released. This is his second feature film, after his documentary “Monger”. Over the course of a year and a half, the director obsessively filmed scenes of his daily life during the pandemic. Although it quickly takes the form of a diary, the film also mutates into other forms, such as epistolary, but always through collage, the superimposition and juxtaposition of figures, colors and lights. It narrates from that melancholic and familiar sense that gives the texture of the material in 16 mm. “Diaries of the Confinement” explores the fears, illusion, disillusionment and, above all, the great changes in the life of Jeff and his family since the uncertainty of that March 2020. The underlying truth of life and cinema is transformation. I managed to transform my inability to make a film into a movie about transforming myself from object to subject. All it took was hard work, love, and a good editor. The images you see in the film I shot and developed by hand. This experience is important to me because it gave me the possibility to record my artistic process, with its mistakes and everything,” the filmmaker said in a press release. Then he expanded: “The project came about organically and impulsively.  It documents a moment that changed all of us and we are still trying to process. It is my hope that by relating my experiences in my personal form I can connect with a larger experience in which I may disappear to become part of the human choir.” Photo: Courtesy of the press

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