Jorge Ferraresi: “Massa took over a day before we leave by helicopter”

The internal of the Frente de Todos is more active than ever and the former Minister of Territorial Development and mayor of Avellaneda, Jorge Ferraresi, pointed today against the government of Alberto Fernández and assured that Sergio Massa arrived at the Ministry of Economy “a day before we leave by helicopter” and recalled that at that time “the Government was without reserves in the Central Bank, with a strong exchange rate run, with a significant price increase.” Sergio came to put an order, that the truth was that it was a titanic task and continues to be every day, “said Ferraresi.Regarding the reserves, the mayor of Avellaneda pointed out in dialogue with AM 530 against the markets: “The famous markets of Argentina are wonderful, more money is handled in the pool than the markets. In the pool more money is played than is played in that other tomb, but a whole psychosis is generated and prices increase. There are beginning to be shortages, there were things that were not achieved and it was an explosive cocktail. It seems to me that Massa had experience in that, in how to quickly recover reserves.” Regarding a possible candidacy of President Alberto Fernández, the former Minister of Territorial Development said: “Today it is not natural for Alberto to go as a candidate. There are things we haven’t solved. Why do they vote for you? Because they have expectations. You then meet the expectations and they vote for you again, and if you do not meet them they do not vote for you again. There are a lot of issues that were not fulfilled, not only Alberto, but the entire government team, a whole political force, that we have not been able to put in political value a management that is very good and things that were missing. ” What is also true is who falls in love. In an election, the fewer people going to vote is how many fewer chances we have. We have to generate that illusion because everyone says that ‘you vote with your pocket’, and there are many people who have no pocket, put their hand in their pocket and have nothing. And when those people go to vote, they are going to do it because they have an illusion because they believe, because they trust, because they have hope. Today the only one who generates that in Argentina is Cristina,” said Ferraresi.And he added: “I do not think that at this moment we can have a synthesis of a candidate who represents all spaces. Cristina synthesizes because she has a potential and an electoral power like no one else has, and otherwise there will be others who will have to build how the primary is stirred. I imagine that a primary of Cristina comes out 99 to 1. I don’t think anyone will be encouraged.”

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