Tohá contradicts Yáñez and says that “there is no climate in Chilean society that ties the hands of the Carabineros.”

Interior Minister Carolina Toha yesterday summoned Carabineros Director General Ricardo Yanez after he called on Congress to approve measures to strengthen police work. The secretary of state referred to the meeting and indicated that “there is no climate that ties the hands of the Carabineros.”
Recall that Yanez made the summons on Monday, after visiting the first corporal of Carabineros Alex Salazar – who later died – in the Regional Hospital of Concepción. A subject in a state of drunkenness ran over the official in the early hours of Sunday, in the middle of a police procedure.
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“It is true that there was a time in Chile of much discord about the actions of the Carabineros, of many things, we had a social explosion and questions about the institutions, but what we have today is not that there is a climate in Chilean society that ties the hands of the Carabineros,” Tohá said in a conversation with Radio Cooperativa.
In his location, Yáñez urged precisely that “carabineros do not have to doubt, where the carabineros are not afraid of having to face criminals and make use of all the elements that the law gives them.”
Conversation with Yáñez
On the dialogue with Yáñez, Tohá explained that “the conversation was to ratify – and that there was no doubt – regarding the support that exists (from the government to the Forces of Order and Security) and not to put it into discussion.”
“It is not good for these kinds of concerns to be confused with public debate. I don’t even want to go into the judgment, it’s not good for that feeling to be generated. You have to have a very important caution and part of my job is to look for that caution to be always present, “he added.
Later, in conversation with Radio Infinita, the head of Interior pointed out that “what cannot happen is that it is confused and that it is an actor of the political debate, it is very negative for the same police, because the police must be a transversal factor of society and should never be in discussion that all sectors support it in its legal mandate. ” Remarked.

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