De Pedro asked “to talk more to young people about 2001”

In the framework of the First National Congress of the Martín Fierro Current, the Minister of the Interior of the Nation, Eduardo De Pedro, launched a message for the ruling party to days of questioning for his statements in Expoagro and asked “to talk more to young people” to “prevent the advance of the right.” We must have the responsibility to talk less to each other and to talk more to young people who did not know the consequences of 2001; Also what it is about a national and popular project because today the future is discussed again, “he said in the first place. The official then emphasized the figure of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, current Vice President of the Nation, to counteract the growth of the opposition. “It is necessary to continue militating so that there is a full democracy, so that Cristina continues to be that barrier of containment to the advance of the right,” he said. In that line, “Wado” asked “that he can decide and define how our popular and national, democratic and inclusive project continues.” Likewise, the official explained that “the future is once again discussed and mixed with the painful past we live. We have to start telling the youngest what Argentina was like in the ’90s and what it cost us.” On the end, De Pedro closed his speech by expressing that “let’s take the baton of Marshal as Cristina said and we are going to build an Argentina with health, with work, with education, with infrastructure works that allow us to live with dignity in every corner of our beautiful Argentina.”

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