The Kun Agüero suffered an arrhythmia in full stream with Ibai Llanos

Sergio Agüero was doing a live broadcast with Ibai Llanos when, suddenly, he put a hand to his heart, he was silent, and after a few seconds of silence, he said he thought he had suffered a “mini arrhythmia”. This Wednesday, the former footballer who had to retire from professional activity due to a cardiac arrhythmia he suffered in the middle of the match with Barcelona in October 2021, shared a streaming on Twitch with the Spanish content creator. Suddenly, he was silent and touched his chest. “What’s wrong?” asked Ibai al Kun, not understanding what was happening. Quickly, the former Independiente player grabbed his cell phone to corroborate in an application if the chip he has in his body threw some data regarding cardiac activity. “I think I got a mini arrhythmia,” he replied after a few seconds in silence. “Right now?” the Spaniard asked. As he continued in silence, Agüero placed his fingers on his neck to control his pulsations. “Do you want us to see a doctor?” insisted Ibai. However, Agüero recovered and continued with the transmission as if nothing had happened. El Kun suffered a heart arrhythmia at the end of October 2021 during a match between Barcelona and Alavés for the Spanish League, in which he had to leave the field after feeling a pain in his chest. From this episode, he had to pause physical activity for a few months to undergo a series of medical studies. Until, finally, the specialists advised him that the best decision for his well-being was to retire.

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