Santi Celli and Chano presented their new song “Incomprendida”

In October 2022, with the edition of “Not even my friends answer me anymore”, Santi Celli had already anticipated that his next album would bring with it a new pop imprint. Today this is a fact with the presentation of “Incomprendida”, a song in collaboration with Chano that doubles the bet. Santi says: “We met from the song I recorded with his brother, Bambi, (“I live in a song”). Chano shared it on his networks and told me that he liked it a lot. Then we crossed paths a couple of times at shows and talked about making music together. I had this song on my album that for some reason takes me to Tan Bionica and when I passed it on, he joined in singing it with me.”The song was produced by Didi Gutman, Diego Mema and Nahuel Barbero between Buenos Aires and Madrid.The video clip was directed by Sebastian Lynch and accompanies the story of the song: it describes the nostalgia felt by someone who had to leave his country, and tries to adapt abroad, away from his affections and memories. The song is now available on all digital platforms. It should be noted that Santi Celli’s next album already has a date and place of official presentation, it will be on Saturday, November 11 at the Vorterix Theater.

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