Alberto Fernández denounced that his son received death threats: “Take care of yourself, you’re going to boom”

Alberto Fernández’s son received death threats via WhatsApp. “Take care, you’re going to boom,” was the intimidating text received by Estanislao Fernández, also known as Dyhzy. This fact led to a criminal complaint filed by the president himself, which is being investigated in Comodoro Py.The threats would have been sent from an unknown number, directly to the cell phone of the young drag queen, so the president decided to summon the members of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) to be present at Casa Rosada.After the criminal presentation of the president, the complaint was immediately transferred to Comodoro Py. The investigation was in charge of the prosecutor Eduardo Taiano and the head of the National Criminal and Correctional Federal Court No. 3 of the city of Buenos Aires, Daniel Rafecas. By this time, both took the first steps to try to identify the person responsible for the intimidation. This is not the first time it has become a target of threats. In July 2021, Estanislao had been attacked via social media and email. In that case, for a year and a half, Alberto Fernández’s son received private messages in which they assured that they were going to kill him and assaulted him because of his sexual condition. The attackers told them that they were going to “load them in a green Falcon”, that they were going to “torture them”, “cut off their heads”, “burn them alive” and finally “throw them in a garbage dump”. For this fact, Juan Pablo Fioribello, lawyer of the President, filed a complaint and brought to trial the person who threatened him. Prior to the debate, the Justice ordered a search of the defendant’s home, where a firearm was found.

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