The president of the PRO confirmed the future of María Eugenia Vidal

In the run-up to an announcement that transcended, but has not yet been made official, the president of PRO revealed the political future of María Eugenia Vidal. We knew that today there was going to be an announcement by her, so there are fewer candidates, “said the replacement of Patricia Bullrich at the head of the party, after the presidential candidate took leave to throw herself fully into the electoral campaign. According to party sources, Vidal would make public today his decision not to compete for the presidency. However, after noon, the former governor had not yet pronounced. Her shift, on the other hand, threw up another question: could she be the candidate of unity in the City of Buenos Aires? PRO ruled out that alternative.” María Eugenia is a great leader and has a huge future where she believes she can contribute her grain of sand, but today our candidate is Jorge Macri, and so we have all expressed it, including her, “he said, in dialogue with The 990. Strictly speaking, the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, has not yet opted for his government minister. Moreover, he still supports the candidacy of his Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, although he insists that the space must go with a single candidate to the PASO of Together for Change in the Federal Capital, where Martín Lousteau (UCR), Ricardo López Murphy (Republicans) and Graciela Ocaña (Public Trust) are listed. Mauricio will not be Cristina” and a message for Rodríguez LarretaWhen addressing the internal PRO, Angelini indicated that “there are not such different views on what to do -we agree on 90%-“, but that the differences lie in the “how”. In this context, he asked for an “orderly” PASO and “with established criteria.” In that sense, he clarified that Macri has not expressed his preference for any of the two pre-candidates who today have more chances of imposing, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich, but pointed out that he has “many coincidences with the how” proposed by the former Minister of Security. “Mauricio will strictly respect” his decisions. “There is no possibility that it will have the role that Cristina Kirchner has,” he said. There is no need to distance oneself or divide, or exaggerate in making such statements. And I think Horacio knows it,” he said when asked about Rodriguez Larreta’s attitudes tending to differentiate himself from Alberto Fernandez and his relationship with his vice president.

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