With Self-Government, Homicide Rates Drop: Ramirez Bedolla

Morelia, Michoacán.- Governor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, stressed that in communities with self-government there is a decrease in homicides.
At a press conference at Casa Michoacán, he stressed that his government is “pro-indigenous”, so it is a challenge to achieve 127 communities with self-government, “we have 32 and we are working on it, because we see results,” he said.
In this sense, he exemplified that in Zitácuaro there was a decline once some communities became self-governing.
In the case of Aquila, he specified that they go through 4 communities with self-government, “it is one of the furthest municipalities from the capital, it requires special attention, but also a solution from within.”
He commented that there is also work with the community members, who are requesting the opening of the mine, “remember that here there are very important royalties.”
Homicide statistics. / Photography: Editorial
To express question, the state executive also explained that the figure of the mayor continues to exist. “In Los Reyes, for example, more or less 25 percent of the population is indigenous, they still belong to the municipality and the self-government is responsible for delivering accounts, but the president is responsible for the municipality,” he said.
Ramírez Bedolla, also took the opportunity to show that Michoacán is in tenth place in the top ten of the States with the most victims for homicide in the country, “we are leaving, this is not achieved overnight, it is a coordination with municipalities, with the Prosecutor’s Office, National Guard and the Army, “he said.

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