A month without Cecilia: march on the bridge that connects Chaco with Corrientes

A month after the disappearance of Cecilia Strzyzowski that sparked an investigation for alleged femicide, the young woman’s mother, Gloria Romero, called for a march on the viaduct that connects Chaco with Corrientes to demand justice. There is still no certainty in the investigation into the Cecilia case, although so far the hypothesis that has the greatest weight among prosecutors indicates that César Sena and her parents murdered the young woman and made her body disappear. Under the slogan “Ties for Cecilia,” Romero summoned a crowd at the entrance of the San Pedro Pescador neighborhood with ribbons, balloons and pink handkerchiefs to hang on the bridge “as a symbol of the union of the two provinces in the search for truth and justice.” With the organization of agents of the Gendarmerie and the Road Police for the optimal circulation of cars at the entrance of the San Pedro Pescador neighborhood, the demonstrators stood on the side of the bridge and unfurled a flag with the colors of the Argentine flag next to the name and face of Cecilia. On Thursday, June 29, seven defendants were remanded in custody, although the measure may not be finalized. In turn, prosecutors await the result of the analysis of the skeletal remains found in “El Tragadero”, the river on the banks of the Emerenciano Sena ranch in which they suspect that the victim’s body was thrown. The main hypothesis with which we work is that there was a premeditation to take Cecilia out of her family context with the idea of promising her a trip and offering her a job based in Ushuaia, “explained prosecutor Jorge Cáceres Olivera in dialogue with Radio con Vos.

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