L-Ghent’s electronic ankle bracelet house arrest revoked

The Court of Appeals and Criminal Guarantees of Mercedes revoked the house arrest with electronic monitoring for Elián Valenzuela, better known as L-Gante. Therefore, the singer will continue to be detained in a common prison. According to NA, the court annulled a measure ordered at first instance which had not yet materialised and which would have allowed L-Ghent to continue to be detained in one of its properties. In that sense, the chambers Carlos Risuleo and Oscar Reggi announced: “The possibility of accessing the mitigation of the preventive detention that weighs on the accused, is conditioned to the fact that the procedural dangers that were the sustenance of it, can be neutralized by a less burdensome measure.” For what they countered: “We do not notice that the personal conditions of the accused, valued by the judge of grade, are presented as exceptional circumstances that enable to mitigate the precautionary that weighs on him.” Under this framework, the magistrates rejected that there was a “greatly diminished procedural risks” and dismissed the argument according to which the domicile of L-Ghent “could prevent some fanatic isolated from the detainee from perpetrating some type of threat or reprimand towards any of the victims.” L-Ghent is charged with the crimes of “aggravated unlawful deprivation of liberty, coercive threats, simple threats and simple possession of narcotics”. The three episodes for which he will remain locked up occurred in the early hours of May 27 and June 6, at the exit of a bowling alley in Greater Buenos Aires.

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