Marcelo Tinelli remembered Silvina Luna in his second program: “We dedicate it to you, Silvi”

After the fervor of what was the opening of the Dancing 2023, one of the things that drew attention was the lack of mention for the death of Silvina Luna. However, in the second edition, already in the end, Marcelo Tinelli took a few minutes to remember the participant and his personal friend, Mariano Caprarola. There the driver made a mea culpa about his forgetfulness and said: “He is a person we loved very much, he participated two years in the program. I personally had the pleasure of meeting, being friends with his friends and sharing a lot of beautiful moments”, began by saying. You may be interested: “The anger of Ximena Capristo before the omission of the death of Silvina Luna in the Bailando 2023″And added: “Hopefully there will be justice for her. I don’t want to blame anyone, but what happened to her also happened to a friend of mine: Mariano Caprarola, with whom I have audios from a very short time before she died.”Followed. He also explained why yesterday he made no mention of what happened and said: “In the heat of this party I forgot to mention a person I love very much. At one point I thought about going to greet her at the Italian Hospital, but there was no time.”. And he closed: “This program and this ‘Bailando 2023′, we dedicate it to you Silvi”, he concluded with the applause of the studio. 

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