Ebrard asks to replace the Morena polling process in the face of irregularities

The former foreign minister’s team denounces that police denied them access to the count.
Mexico. – Marcelo Ebrard, affirms that they have found irregularities “in a much higher proportion than what had been foreseen”, in the internal process of Morena.
In addition, he added that this must be replenished, because “it is no longer remedied.”
By demanding to replace the survey, Marcelo Ebrard’s team also abandoned the counting of the ballots in Morena.

Urgent last minute information: forcibly prevent the entry of our representation to the counting of Morena ballots. What a sadness. pic.twitter.com/ftmey0kuLT
— Marcelo Ebrard C. (@m_ebrard) September 6, 2023
“They forcibly prevent the entry of our representation to the counting of Morena’s ballots. How sad,” Ebrard said in X.
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In a video he denounced that they prevented his team from entering the count of Morena’s ballots.
After what was denounced by his team, Ebrard describes the aggression as “the response of the leadership.”
“Of course we’re not going to blow up the event,” he added. “It will not be an imposition that we are going to accept.” “What a coward Mario Delgado and Durazo for what has been done,” he concluded.

Quiubo, @mario_delgado?
How are you doing with your process? Very good, isn’t it?
Mario, hold on, the people rise! 😂 pic.twitter.com/oUGqr0ssHD
— Alejandro Moreno (@alitomorenoc) September 6, 2023

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