A polo player ran over a pedestrian, fled and ended up presenting himself at the police station.

A young man of approximately 25 years lost his life in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Retiro after being hit by a 4×4 truck. The driver responsible for the accident turned out to be Cruz Novillo Astrada, a prominent polo player, who initially fled but later turned himself in to authorities. This Monday, he will face the investigation for the event. The incident took place around 5:20 a.m. on 9 de Julio Avenue, near the intersection with Arroyo, when the Volkswagen Amarok truck, driven by Cruz Novillo Astrada, struck a pedestrian who was in the area. Upon impact, the driver fled the scene, leaving the victim behind. However, later, Novillo Astrada voluntarily presented himself at a police station in the city, accompanied by his defense lawyer, Rafael Cúneo Libarona. He surrendered his truck and was taken into police custody. According to Cuneo Libarona told Telam, “the driver came from a meeting with friends, braked at the traffic light, in Colorado, and when he gets the green light he started.” The lawyer argued that the pedestrian “was not authorized to cross the street at that point” and that his client reacted impulsively due to the surprise. The legal representative also mentioned that his twin brother, Justo, died in a traffic accident in June 2021 near San Antonio de Areco. He suggested that this tragic background may have “influenced the reaction” of the polo player, who feared for his safety and the possibility of being attacked if he braked after the accident. Cúneo Libarona stressed that his client has no criminal record and that he hopes that, after the investigation scheduled for this Monday, he can recover his freedom.
On the other hand, the authorities continue to investigate the identity of the victim, a young man without identification documents who, according to police sources, seemed to be in a street situation. 

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