The cross between Camila Homs and Angel de Brito: “Your image of innocent does not close me”

At the gala of elimination of the Dancing 2023 There was a tense moment when Angel De Brito had to give the return of the dance of Camila Homs that opened the new round of dance. There the jury wanted to inquire about the relationship with Rodrigo de Paul and the separation, as well as the player’s romance with Tini Stoessel. However, the participant refused to talk about the issue and asked about some animosity towards her on social networks. “Angel, can I tell you something? The other day I saw that you did a Q&A session on Instagram and a lot of people tagged me. They asked you if you believed in me, and you said no, that I proved in a way that I wasn’t. Do you know me well enough to say that?” he asked. To which De Brito replied: “I don’t close your image as an innocent and good person, as I do with many participants, especially because of your attitudes towards Tini and the messages you sent him. I see a contradiction there,” Slipped. But Camila did not hesitate to answer him personally and said: “Perhaps, if you had been in my situation, you would have acted the same way.”, defended himself. However, when asked if she regretted such attitudes, Homs explained that she was not proud of her attitudes, but stressed that she was humane in doing so. “There are moments of helplessness and more when my children are involved,” he tried to explain, while Angel added: “I understand that if your husband cheats on you with Tini reactions like that, that’s why your attitude does not close me that when we ask you you are evasive.” However, Cami explained that it is a matter of respect, and a private matter: “I do not speak out of respect,” she said. Then Angel wanted to know if he wanted to apologize to Tini and Camila chose to say: “I’m not going to tell you that,” he concluded. 

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