Deputies delay appearance of the Ministry of Health

Morelia, Michoacán.- Despite the vote of 14 in favor and 11 against, Michoacan legislators agreed to disturb the Health and Social Assistance Commission the proposal of Appearance of the Ministry of Health of Michoacán to the legislative plenary.
In an extraordinary session, the deputies heard the proposal of Deputy Julieta Hortensia Gallardo Mora, member of the parliamentary group of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, who proposed an agreement urging the head of the State Executive so that, through the Ministry of Health, it is known in appearance before the Legislative plenary, what is the diagnosis and measures that will be taken to strengthen and consolidate the health system in the State, as well as the details of investment in the construction of three IMSS-Bienestar hospitals in the municipalities of Aquila, Arantepacua and Uruapan.
After the majority vote on the proposal was approved by the deputies, it was established that “it was not considered an urgent and obvious resolution, so it was turned over to the Health and Social Assistance Committee.
It is worth mentioning that Deputy Julieta Gallardo said that they are still waiting for results in terms of health and decentralization, because the Michoacan population still does not have a decent system, “it seems a utopia the promise of medicines and medical care for all, the failure of the health model called INSABI, now tries to recompose the course with the IMSS-Bienestar “.
Michoacán, he said, has already signed the agreement, “but to date we do not know which health centers are incorporated into the system and what is clear is that while there are no significant investments in infrastructure, no significant changes are in sight,” he stressed.

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