3 questions to Yony Linyero, the band that comes to reclaim Rock and Roll: “We’re not going to sing to clothing brands”

The band Yony Linyero formed by Julinyero (Vocals and guitar), Coca (Drums and backing vocals), Mininho (1st guitar and backing vocals) and Alejo Fleco (Bass and backing vocals) comes with the premise of not letting rock and roll die. With the nostalgia of those emblematic bands that in the 90s knew how to stir the hearts of thousands of fans who crowded on the sidewalks to listen to the so-called “neighborhood rock”, the band proposes a “Neo Rolinga” sound that they told us exclusively about for Filo.news. -What is the “Neo Rolinga” style with which you define yourselves?
“The Neo rolinga style is a new style of rock and roll added to the current times, which talks about the things that happen in the street: vices, poverty, sequences, love, how difficult it is to live”they begin by saying. While listing: “Rock ‘n’ roll, funk and tender ballads come together to form this style we named after it. Viejas Locas is our biggest influence, as well as the Stones of course, and other bands.” about musical influences. But it’s not only based on a sound but also on a style of facing life: “The Neo rolinga is also a way of life: to tell and be there for your friends when they need you and you need them, to be mischievous, awake, sensitive, to try to have a good time without having to have so much, agitated by a raw and direct rock and roll, which makes you move your skeleton, your heart and also think about what is happening. It’s not all about it, it’s not all about looking good on social media.” “There is a reality that we are a part of, a raw reality. We are not interested in being successful and shiny. We don’t sing. There are too many things going on in the world and in our country to sing frivolities. In one sentence we summarize it like this: “Facing the cold with hearts aflame with rock and roll”“, they say. Yony Linyero is a band that arose from the need to sing those things that happen to the common people, to the neighborhood kid who walks the streets to survive in a world trapped in a maelstrom that does not stop. And in this context they sing to life without much more pretensions. -How did the band come about and the desire to return to the roots of Rock and Roll in the midst of the urban music boom? The band came about because we’re people who come from rock. We write the songs by watching and living what happens on the street. When we go on top of the bondi, when we walk, when we are in the middle of good and bad situations that life puts in front of you,” they commentAll the movement that proposes a large part of urban music (not all) does not seem cool to us. That frivolity of singing about clothing brands, of botoxing your face while being an asshole, of adoring Miami and talking about dollars while moving your ass like a monkey, seems to us like a brain emptying and what is worse, it seems to us a distraction that makes you look the other way”, they launch talking about the hit of urban music. “It’s not the country we all live in, and we don’t have those ideals. Not at all. There is a lack of solidarity in today’s music, there is a lack of rawness, we have to stop singing to our wallets, stop looking at our navel. What we do with Yony Linyero is different. It’s music for and by people who have nothing, who fight every day, in a life that is far from perfect, where dreams have to be fought because they are difficult to achieve. When you listen to it at a good volume, you’re going to notice. We make the awante for you from another place,” they say about the band’s principles and the audience they sing to. For a year they have been touring the Federal Capital and a large part of the suburbs, in the so-called Linyera tour bringing their first album called “Waiting for the Rescue”. -They are touring in CABA, where else people can see them and what is the proposal in each show.” We are on tour in Caba and the suburbs. This year we have played more than 30 times in the city and in the suburbs. We are very happy because for the first time we are going to leave the province of Buenos Aires and play in Córdoba capital on Friday, November 17 at Un mundo feliz bar next to the automata”. “In December on the 8th we are going to play in Mar del Plata at the Vorterix Theater with our friends from La Ruta Mdq, then we have dates in the suburbs in Zárate and Campana and we close the year on December 23 in Ladran Sancho, Almagro with Sed de Camello and Las Extraterribles”, List.To close a summary of what happens when they go up to play: “Every linyero show is a wild and impredictable under the rhythm of rock and roll. We never know what’s going to happen. People go crazy and it’s our gasoline to give them everything we can. The lineage is all of us. Press play, come shake. Party guaranteed”, they assure extending the invitation to all those who want to join this line that sounds loud and true. 

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