Support from Morelian families arrives in Coyuca de Benítez, Guerrero

Morelia, Michoacán.- After the deployment of a delegation that departed from the DIF Morelia last Tuesday, November 7, the families of Coyuca de Benítez, in Guerrero, have begun to receive the aid donated by the men and women of Morelia who joined this cause promoted by the Government of the Municipal President, Alfonso Martínez Alcázar.
Through a statement, they reported that the DIF Morelia team, headed by the Honorary President, Paola Delgadillo Hernández, in the company of elements of the Rescate Michoacán corporation, began to tour the towns of San Isidro del Valle, San Nicolás de las Playas, Luces del Mar, Progreso, 3 de enero and La Estación on Wednesday. for the delivery of support.
The delivery routes have been carefully selected in coordination with local authorities, to identify the localities of greatest need and those that have not yet received assistance.
This coordination exercise, as well as the delivery that is made directly with those affected, makes it possible to reach the most challenging areas and ensure that support effectively reaches those who need it most at this time.
Among the rubble and the signs of the passage of the hurricane, the people of Guerrero thank Alfonso Martínez and Paola Delgadillo for leading this valuable initiative to collect and send food, as well as providing the means and resources necessary to make their arrival possible, which shows a genuine connection with the people of Morelia. forged through solidarity and direct action.
The DIF Morelia team continues its journey today, delivering the remaining support, and bearing witness to the fraternity that defines our communities in times of adversity. For more information, call 443 113 4000

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