Mar del Plata: A baby girl was intoxicated with cocaine and the mother was arrested

A 17-month-old baby was hospitalized in the city of Mar del Plata with cocaine intoxication. His mother was arrested and charged with attempted murder. The baby was admitted late on Sunday to the Maternal and Children’s Hospital of Mar del Plata, after being transferred by ambulance from her home in the San Martín neighborhood, in the southern area of the seaside resort, for presenting breathing difficulties. It was the baby’s own mother who called 911 and warned that her daughter had “serious breathing difficulties.” Although at first the doctors suspected that it was an allergy or respiratory factor, this was ruled out after a urine test, which determined that the minor had cocaine intoxication. Based on this information, prosecutor Romina Díaz, head of the Functional Unit of Instruction 6, ordered the immediate arrest of the girl’s mother during the early hours of Monday. The 35-year-old woman was charged with the crime of “attempted homicide.” As for the baby, authorities of the Mar del Plata hospital reported that she was hospitalized, her health condition is stable and she is evolving favorably. Meanwhile, the Justice ordered a search of the house in question in search of narcotics.

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