Jey Mammón responded to Nazarena Vélez: “We’re going to cross paths in Justice”

Jey Mammon returned to the stage after the accusations by Lucas Benvenutto. The actor is performing his one-man show in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, and from there he spoke for the cycle “Socios del Espectáculos”. When asked by Mariana Brey about Nazarena Vélez’s statements, Jey was uncomfortable and warned that he does not rule out taking the actress to court to prove her accusations. “It’s very serious that I said I’m a pedophile, there are enough elements for them to realize that I’m not a pedophile or a pedophile,” the actor said after Brey reminded him of the words of his one-time friend. Likewise, Jey assured that he has no problem meeting face to face with Nazarena and clarifying some things for her. At the same time, he expressed: “The Nazarena thing is inconceivable and if I decided not to bring her criminal trial it is for a reason, but if she continues to talk and break with the subject, she is inviting me to talk to my lawyers when she returns in March. I’m nothing like that and we know it.” Expressed. See also: “Nazarena Vélez spoke about Jey Mammon: “It’s very painful to find out that you loved a monster”While she added: “But she insists on putting in that concept of me and she’s going to have to abide by the consequences, it doesn’t have to be free for someone to say anything“, he reiterated. In addition, Mammón said that he received information from several people that Nazarena would have a double discourse, since in front of cameras he says one thing and behind them his intentions are different: “There are five people who told me privately here in Carlos Paz: ‘Nazarena loves you, wants to see you, wants to have a coffee with you, He wants to apologize to you,'” she revealed. But then they turn on a camera and he says something else, he has a speech for the on and another for the off,” he concluded. 

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