El Salvador elects its new president: Bukele is on track for re-election

This Sunday, Salvadorans will elect their new president in an election in which, according to polls, Nayib Bukele seeks to win a resounding victory. This would allow him to extend his mandate until 2029.Although he is supported by a large part of society, he has been the subject of controversy from the opposition, as the constitution prohibits immediate re-election. It is worth noting that, if he wins the elections again, he will become the first Salvadoran president to be re-elected in almost 100 years. Meanwhile, through his social networks, the president is sharing videos in which he shows how Salvadorans living in other countries have approached the respective embassies to exercise their right to vote. In addition, days ago, he shared a post in which he shows the milestones of his administration and affirms that “there is still a lot to be done but, step by step, we will solve entire decades of looting and abandonment.” Why was he able to stand for election? In 2021, Bukele expressed his intentions to continue in office, so the highest court allowed him to do so, but warned him that he had to leave office six months before a new term began. In December 2023, the Legislative Assembly approved a request that allowed him to leave office for six months and focus on the campaign for re-election. Thus, if successful, he will take office on June 1, 2024 and continue in power until 2029.

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