Bullrich: “All the resources of the State are going to go against those who want to rebel”

The Minister of National Security, Patricia Bullrich, issued a warning in the midst of the national government’s fight with the provincial governors and assured that she will use “all the resources of the State against those who want to rebel.” That they threaten with everything they threaten, that all the resources that the State has are going to go against those who want to rebel against the constitutional order in Argentina,” Bullrich said in an interview with Radio Rivadavia AM630.In this sense, the official reiterated her warning: “If the governors do not realize that they must accompany a smaller state so that there is more private activity and they press until they say the things that are being said about secession, of national dissolution, the legal, political and legal consequences are going to be harsh.” You may also be interested in: “Patagonian governors ask for dialogue with the National Government: ‘Argentina needs unity'”In this line, the minister continued: “It is clear that the fact of wanting to remove a government, which is taking privileges and ordering the country, is an attitude of wanting to go back, to the country of destruction and misery. We’re not going back to that country.” Bullrich described the attitude of the Fuegian governor as “totally and absolutely destitute,” since it implies “destroying the national government.” Every day the co-participation comes out automatically, we are not discussing the co-participation, but all the extra money that made Argentina have an impossible State, which has led to poverty for more than 60% of the population,” said the minister. Finally, the national official criticized: “We are talking about provinces that do not sustain themselves because they have decided to have nothing more than political privileges. We are not talking about provinces that put effort into production and have a reasonable state.”

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