What are the eight raises coming in March?

Next Friday a new month starts and with it comes more increases. The March increases will be carried out in gasoline, prepaid, electricity, domestic workers and private schools, among other key items for the family basket. According to Ambit, President Javier Milei admitted that March/April will be the worst months in the skyrocketing prices that have already accumulated a 100% increase. Under this framework, according to the consulting firm EcoGo, the estimate for inflation in February is 15.9%, so for March they expect it to be still above that level, at around 17%. In this sense, they explained: “In February, we began with the strong increases in regulated vehicles, transport in the first days of the month and electricity also came in. Food and beverages that had slowed sharply, now weekly increases appear stable with weekly increases of approximately 2%.” In addition, they added: “For March, a new wave of regulated goods arrives, gas has a strong weighting in the CPI basket and we do not rule out a new increase in transport.” First of all, one of the most complicated increases is that of fuels. The government confirmed an increase in gasoline prices, which will rise 4.4% from Friday, March 1. Secondly, in long-distance trains there will be new reference values, either regional intercity and interjurisdictional: Buenos Aires-Mar del Plata, $4493; Bs As-Pinamar; $3896. Buenos Aires-Bahía Blanca, $7691; Bs As-Córdoba, from $7900.Thirdly, in the private schools of the AMBA the increase in the Province will be 50% and in the City of Buenos Aires 40%. To this increase must be added the exorbitant increases in uniforms and the basket of products for the return to school. Fourthly, in the case of prepaid loans, the increase will be an average of 23% over the value of February, and the third consecutive adjustment so far this year. Fifthly, with respect to electricity bills, they will arrive with an increase of up to 150%. Finally, in the category of domestic workers, the Commission on Work in Private Homes closed the first increase of the year for domestic workers who will receive an increase divided into two installments: 20% in February and another 15% in March non-cumulative.

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