Minimum and maximum pension values have been made official since March

On Thursday, the government made official the minimum and maximum guaranteed salaries that retirees will receive from March. The new scale is applied after the 27.18% increase and the confirmation that some of them will receive a bonus of up to $70 mil.La measure was made official through the publication in the Official Gazette of Resolution 39/2024, signed by Mariano de los Heros, the new executive director of the National Social Security Administration (Anses). In this sense, article 1 of the regulations establishes that the minimum credit will be $134,445.30, but with the bonus the sum will go to $204,445. Those who receive less than that amount will receive an extra proportional sum until they reach it. Those above that value will not be covered by that benefit. At the other extreme, Article 2 of the Resolution establishes that the maximum credit will amount to $904,689.54.In this way, the minimum assets will have a loss of purchasing power of 33% in relation to March 2023. Meanwhile, for those who did not and will not collect the bonus, the loss rises to 44% in 12 months. However, these figures do not take into account that, since January, retirees and pensioners with minimum salaries stopped receiving up to $18,800 per month for the VAT refund for debit card purchases. The minimum and maximum taxable bases, meanwhile, were established at $45,281.15 and $1,471,616.10, respectively, as of the accrued period March 2024.For its part, Article 4 details that the amount of the Universal Basic Benefit (PBU) provided for in Article 19 of Law No. 24,241, will be $61,502.69 as of that same month, while the Universal Pension for the Elderly (PUAM) will rise from $84,570 plus $55,000 of the bonus (a total of $139,570), to $107,557 plus $70,000, that is, a total of $177,556.

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