Identify the symptoms of severe dengue for immediate care: SSM –

Morelia, Michoacán. – Intense thirst, bleeding gums and nose, persistent vomiting, rapid breathing and intense abdominal pain are the symptoms of severe dengue, a disease that can be fatal if not treated in time, the Ministry of Health of Michoacán (SSM) said in a statement. This type of dengue is characterized by the development of a fever that lasts from two to seven days, accompanied by severe headaches, joints, and muscle pains. As the days go by, the patient may experience tiredness, disorientation, low blood pressure, and internal bleeding, which could trigger hemorrhagic shock. People with this disease need to be hospitalized to treat bleeding in time, stabilize their vital signs, and prevent damage to organs such as kidneys, liver, and heart. Hence the importance of detecting the warning signs in order to seek immediate medical assistance. To prevent dengue at home, it is important to apply the strategy of washing, covering, turning over and throwing away containers that store water such as tires, sinks, buckets, tubs, vases and animal drinkers, because the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits the infection, can reproduce there. It is also recommended to install mosquito nets on doors and windows, use repellent, wear light-colored and long-sleeved clothing, place pavilions on beds, as well as keep yards and gardens clean and weeded.

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