Kicillof criticized Milei for his crossing with CFK and spoke of the government’s meeting with the governors

On Sunday, the governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, spoke about the meeting between national government officials and provincial governors and that they were presented with a more limited version of the original Omnibus Law, which would now have some 200 articles. In an interview with Radio Con Vos, he made it clear that “there was a change of position and attitude because there was a respectful approach, of the need to reach agreements.” In addition, he indicated that “now they promised to give us the articles. For example, a Title 7 appeared that I understand is new and that talks about giving special powers to the Executive to deregulate certain economic sectors, but it is not well known what it is or what the scope is,” since he added: “They gave us a very brief paper, just three little faces with the titles, but with respect to the articles we are at zero.” Then, when asked about a supposed “fiscal relief for the provinces,” Kicillof recalled the fall of the first version of the package of laws sent by the National Government due to “discretionary cuts in funds.” In that sense, he explained: “The question was if they were going to send us back. One of the good news is that they told us that they would return the fifth hour and promised to give us an answer on the subject of public works. They said that everything that was in laws and regulations they were going to pay.” Finally, he gave his opinion on the controversy over salaries throughout the Executive Branch and that, a few hours ago, President Javier Milei backtracked: “It seems to me that the excuse to mention Cristina Kirchner was a piece of paper. A response that his social media experts recommended him to blame on someone else. But it is more serious to think that he signs decrees without knowing their result, without reading them.”

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