“Cross Dreamers”: the first documentary in Argentina about men who want to go through femininity

“Cross Dreamers” is the first documentary in Argentina about crossdressing, a practice carried out mainly by men who, beyond their sexual orientation, wish to move through femininity. Directed by Soledad Velasco (screenwriter of the recent Netflix documentary series “ARA San Juan”), the film tells the story of Ornella, Mabel, Mirna and Paula, men who all their lives practiced cross-dressing without their family knowing. There are people who go and kick a ball, others who run 50 laps of a square, I like this,” the trailer tells us in one of the fragments, bringing us closer to the testimony of a protagonist. Through a personal and deep journey, the documentary will address the early “fascination with the feminine, the years of guilt and fear have led them to have a double life, but that world they had set up begins to crumble”, as the synopsis advances. You may also be interested in: “Elda and the Monsters”, pilgrimage to a “glamorous virgin”: “The first time I saw myself with makeup on I realized I was a goddess””Cross Dreamers” had its premiere at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival. Since then, he has toured other awards around the world, such as: the official competition of the Sebastiane Latino Award within the framework of the San Sebastian International Film Festival and the Maguey Award -Guadalajara International Film Festival (Mexico)-. It was selected at the San Diego Latino Film Festival (USA), LesGaiCineMad, Madrid International LGBTI+ Film Festival (Spain), Rio LGTBQIA International Film Festival 2023 (Brazil), Amor Festival (Chile), CINHOMO VALLADOLID – International Film Festival and Sexual Diversity (Spain), MORITZ FEED DOG – International Documentary Fashion Festival (Spain), Zinentiendo (Spain), Espacio Queer – Film Festival on Sexual and Gender Diversity (La Plata), among others. Produced by Aníbal Corcho Garisto (Lumen Cine), executive produced by Nadia Rabotnikof, and associated production by Pablo Ingercher and Ramiro Pavón (Oh My Gómez), the documentary premieres on March 21 at 8:15 p.m. at the Gaumont Cinema.

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